Breakable Purple Llama

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Create a delightful Breakable Chocolate Llama Piñata by following our step-by-step video tutorial below! Learn how to melt and color candy coating, mold and fill your llama with sweet surprises, and add intricate painted details using Poppy Paint. Perfect for parties and special occasions, this fun and unique treat will impress your guests. Join us and discover how to make your own Breakable Chocolate Llama Piñata!
Breakable Purple Llama

Create Chocolate Breakable Purple Llama

Click on the video link below to see how to create the Chocolate Breakable Purple LLama


  • 3D Llama Three Part Chocolate Mold
  • Brite White Chocolate Melts
  • Purple Colour Mill Oil Based Food Color
  • Purple 100% Edible Confectionery Paint
  • White Edible Jewel Dust® Glitter + Small Dusting Pump
  • Silver Edible Art Decorative Paint
  • Sprinkles (exact sprinkles listed below)


Chocolate Breakabale Purple Llama painted with poppy paint and filled with sprinkles.
chocolate breakable purple llama painted with poppy paint and filled with sprinkles

Video Tutorial

Products used