Caramel Apples made with Peter's Caramel

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When it comes to indulgent treats, few things compare to the classic combination of sweet and gooey caramel draped over crisp apples. One of the challenges in making caramel apples is the risk of the caramel sliding off or becoming too gooey due to excess moisture from the apple. Peter's Caramel has a delicious chewy texture when bitten into; however, the buttery rich caramel tends to slide off the apple as the apple sits. Covering the caramel with a chocolate coating is one way to prevent the caramel from sliding, but if you want just a caramel-coated apple, follow the trick below and add candy coating to keep the delicious flavor of Peter's caramel while keeping the caramel from sliding. We've used Clasen's Salted caramel candy coating, but white chocolate candy coating can be used as a substitute.

Caramel Apples Covered with Peter's Caramel

Caramel Apple made with Peter's Caramel and White Chocolate
Peter's Caramel won't slide off the apples when a small amount of melted chocolate candy coating is added. This way you can keep the rich, buttery delicious high quality and flavor of Peter's Caramel and still. We've used Caramel-flavored candy coating, but feel free to use white candy coating as a great substitute. The number of apples depends on how large the apples.


  • 3-5 Apples (we like Granny Smith)
  • 1 pound Peter's Caramel
  • 3.2 ounces Caramel-Flavored Candy Coating
  • Wooden Candy Apple Sticks


Remove the stem from the apple. Wash the apple with warm water to clean and remove any excess wax. Insert wooden apple sticks where the stems were.
Place the caramel in a microwave-safe bowl. Melt the caramel using 30 second intervals until the caramel is fluid. Set aside.
Place the salted caramel chocolate candy coating in a microwave-safe bowl. Melt the salted caramel candy melts using 30 second intervals until the caramel is fluid. Pour the chocolate over the melted caramel and stir until thoroughly incorporated.
Dip the apple in the caramel and immediately place on parchment paper to set.
Optional: After the caramel has completely set, you can stripe the apple using melted chocolate, or dip the caramel apple in melted chocolate, then adorn with sprinkles, nuts or other candy decorations.
Yield: 3-5 Caramel Apples
Preparation Time: 15 Minutes

How Long do Caramel Apples Last?

We recommend eating homemade caramel apples within two weeks if the apples are stored at room temperature. However, to extend their freshness, the apples can be stored in the refrigerator, which can help keep them edible for up to three weeks. Keep the apple wrapped in plastic wrap to ensure odors from other food items in the refrigerator do not permeate into the caramel. If the apples are stored in the refrigerator, allow to come to room temperature before serving to enhance the eating experience.