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Tempering Chocolate in Microwave

Tempering Chocolate in Microwave

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Ingredients and Supplies
1. Put 3/4 pound chocolate wafers or chopped chocolate chunks into a microwave-safe bowl. Set aside 1/4 pound.
2. Microwave on high for 30 seconds. Stir.
3. Microwave for 30 seconds more. Stir.
4. Continue process (microwaving and stirring) for 10 seconds at a time until 2/3 of the chocolate is melted.
5. Remove from microwave and put chocolate tempering thermometer into the chocolate. Stir frequently until temperature reaches between 88 and 90 degrees for dark chocolate, but two degrees less for white and milk chocolate.
6. At this point chocolate may be dipped or molded. Dark chocolate can be worked with between 86 and 90 degrees (two degrees less for white and milk chocolate). Always have unmelted chocolate in the bowl with the melted chocolate to keep the chocolate tempered, using the set aside 1/4 pound as necessary. Frequently stir the chocolate.
7. When temperature goes below 86 degrees for dark chocolate (two degrees less for white or milk chocolate) place bowl in microwave a few seconds. Add some unmelted chocolate and put the candy thermometer into the chocolate. Chocolate is ready to work with when it reaches the correct temperature again.

Instructions and image taken with permission fromAutumn Carpenter's Book, All About Candy Making. All rights reserved.


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