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3-D Solid Chocolate Candies

3-D Solid Chocolate Candies

Idea gallery #883
  • candy coating
  • candy mold
  • squeeze bottle
  • clips
If the front and back of the mold are on one sheet, cut them apart. Cut a hole at the base of the 3-D mold. Paint details if desired. Put the front and back of the mold together and secure with bulldog clips, binder clips or paper clips. The tighter the mold is clipped together, the cleaner the seam will be. Melt candy coating. Fill a squeeze bottle with the melted coating. Fill the mold with coating through the cut hole and set in the freezer upside down so candy does not run out. When candy is set, remove the clips and take the mold apart, carefully releasing the candy from the mold. (If details stay in mold, candy was not cold enough.) If necessary, trim the seam with a sharp knife.

Instructions and image taken with permission from Autumn Carpenter's Book, All About Candy Making. All rights reserved.