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Baby Duck Cookies

Idea gallery #1557
Baby Duck Cookies
Ingredients and Supplies
baby blue rolled fondant
light green rolled fondant
yellow rolled fondant
orange rolled fondant
duck candy mold
Cupcake Top Fondant Cutters
edible markers
Geometric Cupcake and Cookie Texture Tops
piping gel
sugar pearls - assorted sizes
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Lightly spray texture mat with a cooking spray. Wipe excess grease with a paper towel. Roll rolled fondant to approximately 1/16th" thickness. Place the smooth, rolled side of the fondant face down on the texture mat. Place the rolling pin on one end of the fondant with the mat underneath. Firmly roll over the fondant, rolling to the opposite end. Do not double roll. Lift the mat and the fondant. Flip over the mat so the fondant is on the bottom and the mat is on top. Peel back the mat. Cut fondant using a circle cutter from Autumn Carpenter Cupcake Top Fondant Cutters. Place textured fondant circle on top of cookie brushed with piping gel.

Mold duck using yellow and orange rolled fondant. Dot duck's eye with black edible marker. Adhere duck to cookie using piping gel. Use piping gel to adhere sugar pearls to cookie.

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    Cupcake Top Fondant Cutters
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