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Our Top 40 Favorite Bundt Cakes

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Decorative Options for Bundt Cakes

There are many options available for decorating bundt cakes. Here are some of our favorites!

Bundt Cakes with Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are an easy, yet gorgeous addition to bundt cakes. When using flowers on cakes, it is important to make sure they are edible and pesticide-free.

Your Blog Title bundt cake with blue fresh flowers tiered bundt cake with fresh flowers pink fresh roses on iced bundt cake
  1. Flower Topped Lemon Bundt Cake by Ice Cream Inspiration
  2. Flower Topped Tiered Bundt Cake by It’s a Bundt Time
  3. Rose Topped Bundt Cake by Wonder Cakes Yas

Bundt Cakes with Fruit

When decorating cakes with fresh fruit it is important to consider the flavor profile as well. For example, fresh strawberries paired with a chocolate cake or blueberries on a lemon cake.

bundt cake with blueberries and lemon bundt cake topped with different berries chocolate bundt cake topped with cherries
  1. Lemon Blueberry Bundt Cake by Cooking Class
  2. Fruit Topped Lemon Cake by Eats Delightful
  3. Cherry Topped Chocolate Bundt Cake by Get Bundt

Bundt Cakes with Sprinkles

Sprinkles are always a fun way to add a pop of color and whimsy to bundt cakes. Shop our huge selection of sprinkles here. We carry hundreds of jimmies, nonpareils, sanding sugars, confetti, sequins, and sprinkle mixes. We have a sprinkle for every occasion!

bundt cake iced with sprinkles tiered birthday bundt cake with sprinkles
  1. Funfetti Bundt Cake by Baker By Nature
  2. Three-Tiered Sprinkle Bundt Cake by Wonder Cakes by Yasmin

Bundt Cakes with Edible Glitter

Edible glitter is a great way to add a touch of sparkle and shine to bundt cakes. There are a variety of colors available so you can customize your cake with any color combination imaginable. See our colorful array of edible glitter here.

heritage bundt cake with glitter mini bundt cakes with glitter
  1. Gold Glitter Bundt Cake by Mom Spark
  2. Edible Glitter Topped Mini Bundt Cakes by Sparkling Charm

Chocolate Decorated Bundt Cakes

Adding chocolate drizzle, shavings, and chocolate candies to bundt cakes is a great way to give them an elegant and sophisticated look. Chocolate sprinkles are also the perfect accompaniment to chocolate bundts cakes.

peanut butter cup bundt cake bundt cake topped with chocolate roses chocolate bundt cake topped with chocolate curls
  1. Chocolate Peanut Butter Bundt Cake by Like Mother Like Daughter
  2. Chocolate Rose Bundt Cake by Cay’s Bakery
  3. Chocolate Curl Topped Bundt Cake by The Wonderlust Kitchen

Coconut Topped Bundt Cakes

Coconut shavings make an excellent topping for bundt cakes. Sprinkle them over the top of the cake or press them into the sides for a beautiful finish.

coconut and fresh flower decorated bundt cake
  1. Coconut & Flower Bundt Cake by Wonder Cakes by Yasmin

Piped Icing Bundt Cakes

Using a pastry bag and a piping tip, you can pipe intricate designs on bundt cakes. You can also use multiple colors of icing to create more complex designs.

piped roses on chocolate bundt cake bundt cake topped with swirls and raspberries bundt cake topped with piped roses and oranges
  1. Piped Roses Bundt Cake by Sugar Story by Jo
  2. Icing Swirl Bundt Cake by Get Bundt
  3. Piped Roses and Oranges by Zuzu’s Sweet n Savory

Bundt Cakes with Colored Batters

Mixing multiple colors (and flavors) of batters into your cake is a great way to create swirls and patterns. This technique adds a beautiful visual element to the cake, as well as a unique flavor. Shop our food colors and flavorings here.

swirled bundt cake
swirled bundt cake with icing
  1. Swirled Batter Bundt Cake by La Reposteria De Miguel
  2. Swirled Rocky Road Bundt Cake by Liv for Cake

Bundt Cake Designs for Holidays and Special Occasions

Bundt cakes are perfect for special occasions and holidays. They can be simple glazed bundts with cordinating sprinkles or tiered cakes with intricate designs. See our special occasion shop where you will find sprinkles, edible icing layons, cake toppers, and more to fit your celebration theme. Here are some ideas for festive, seasonal bundt cakes that will be sure to impress your guests.

Easter Bundt Cakes

bundt cake with easter scene easter bundt cake topped with russian piped flowers easter bundt cake topped with cadbury mini eggs
  1. Easter Scene Bundt Cake
  2. Russian Tip Floral Easter Bundt Cake
  3. Cadbury Mini Egg Easter Bundt Cake

Halloween Bundt Cakes

A green glaze or colored icing with edible icing eyes make a simple, yet spooky cake perfect for Halloween parties.

monster bundt cake with edible eyes green monster bundt cake with icing eyes
  1. Monster Eye Bundt Cake by Cupcake Diaries
  2. Green Monster Bundt Cake by Mama Loves Food

Fall & Thanksgiving Bundt Cakes

heritage bundt cake with fall sprinkles two-tier bundt cake with fall topper pumpking shaped cake made from two bundt cakes
  1. Fall Sprinkle Bundt Cake by Lady and the Whisk
  2. Two-Tiered Fall Bundt Cake by Wonder Cakes by Yasmin
  3. Pumpkin Spice Bundt Cake by Live For Cake

Christmas Bundt Cakes

four-tiered christmas tree bundt cake snowman bundt cake peppermint swirl heritage bundt cake gingerbread and peppermint christmas bundt cake
  1. Four-tiered Christmas Tree Bundt Cake by Arrumacos Bundt Cakes
  2. Two-tiered Snowman Bundt Cake by Bros that Bundt
  3. Peppermint Swirl Bundt Cake by Delicious Table
  4. Gingerbread & Peppermint Bundt Cake by Wonder Cakes by Yasmin

Birthday Bundt Cakes

two-tiered bundt cake with flowers two-tier bundt cake with star wars madalorian baby yoda two-tier safari decorated bundt cake
  1. Two-tiered Rose Birthday Bundt Cake by Sugar Fixx
  2. Star Wars Mandalorian Bundt Cake by Cays Bakery
  3. Safari Bundt Cake by Sweet Bundt Cakes

Wedding Bundt Cakes

three-tier purple bundt wedding cake two-tier purple and pink wedding bundt cake three-tier naked wedding bundt cake natural floral wedding bundt cake two-tier wedding bundt cake with roses three-tier wedding bundt cake with flowers
  1. Three-tiered Fresh Flower Bundt Cake by Better Batter NJ
  2. Two-tiered Love Bundt Cake by Moonshine and Supper Time
  3. Three-tiered Naked Wedding Bundt Cake by Nordic Ware
  4. Fresh Flowers Wedding Cake by Nothing Bundt Cake
  5. Pink Two-tiered Bundt Cake by Wonder Cakes by Yasmin
  6. Three-tiered Wedding Bundt Cake by Wonder Cakes by Yasmin

These are just a few ideas for how to make your bundt cakes stand out. Let us know which bundt cake was your favorite. We hope we've inspired you to get creative and make some beautiful bundt cakes of your own. Make sure to check out our bundt cake shop.

Happy baking!

mini bundt cakes decorated with pastel icing