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Dress up your cookies, candies and cakes with the wide assortment of sprinkles, sugars, confetti and dragees!
Sugars are available in fine or coarse bright beautiful colors, including hard to find colors such as Gold, Silver,
Opal, Multi, Brown and Black. 
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Available Sugars 
Sparkle up cakes with sugars! 
Dress up Chocolate dipped
pretzels with fine sanding
Add color and sparkle to cookies 

Dragees:  These gold and silver metallic candy balls do much to enhance a confection. They are
non-toxic, however, the Food and Drug Administration recommends that they be used for decoration
only. Available in several sizes.

Non-Pareils:  Round little balls in several sizes and colors, including the outstanding pearl balls.

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Available Dragees
Available Non-Pareils 
 Add a decorative touch of
elegance to bon bons and
candy pieces. 
Dragees and Non-Pareils are so
beautiful on cookies!!! 
Now Brides will be ectastic to learn single
pearls can be added to wedding cakes
that are edible! 

 Fun and available for holidays, special occasions and themes. Use these to help fill space in your confection,
or add just that extra touch of color.
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Available Confetti  
Dress up cakes and add color with the wide variety of confetti! 
Confetti adds that extra touch of color and theme to dipped pretzels and other candies!