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Instructions Creating Edible Ropes
Ropes may be used in various ways on cakes. The most popular way is to use them
as an elegant, fabric-like border.  You can also use brown fondant and mold a rope
border for western theme parties, or for a bride and groom's cake "tying the knot!"
Supplies Needed:. Luster dust . 3/8" Brush . 8" bent spatula . Rope Maker . Rolled fondant
bead lace
bead lace
1.  Open rope-maker and lightly spray 
inside with a cooking spray.
2.  On a lightly sprayed flat surface or a 
silicone mat, roll fondant into a 6" snake
with the diameter a little larger than the hole
at the end of the rope-maker.
3.  Open the rope-maker and center it,
opening down, over the snake.  Press the
rope-maker onto the snake of the fondant.
Close the filled rope-maker but do not
squeeze it completely together.
4.  Open the rope-maker slightly to be sure
the rope-maker is filled.  If some of the rope
appears flat, press in more fondant and
re-close the rope-maker.
5.  Open rope-maker and allow rope to fall
6.  Cut ends of the newly formed rope at
an angle, following the rope pattern.
7.  If desired, dust with dusting powders.
8.  Attach to cake with piping gel.  Continue 
making the ropes, joining the angled cut
ends of the ropes so the seam cannot be