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One taste of our delicious ready-to-go pastry fillings and you'll be hooked! The delicious fillings are available
in a variety of flavors and taste great between layers of cakes, used as a pie filling, in cookie and candy recipes,
and for ice cream toppings. Below are some great instructions and ideas using the filling. An unopened tube of
Country Kitchen SweetArt's filling will keep 6 months unopened and 6 months after it's opened in the refrigerator.
One sleeve of pastry filling equals 3 cups.
Available Pastry Fillings.  
Pastry Fillings In Pies
Keep sleeves of pastry fillings and ready-to-
go pie crusts on hand.  Simply squirt one
tube of pastry filling into the pie crust and
top with whipped topping for a 5 minute
dessert that is sure to please everyone. For
a lot more recipes and ideas used in pies
including the mini tarts, click below.
Pastry Between Cakes
Using pastry filling between cakes gives
excellant flavor and adds moisture. It is
also an ideal filling for cake rolls. Some
of our favorite combinations are: yellow
cake with lemon filling, chocolate cake
with raspberry filling on one layer and
Bavarian cream on an additional layer,
white cake with strawberry filling; the
possibilities are endless!
Pastry Fillings In Cookies Two delicious
cookie recipes that use pastry fillings are the
thumbprint cookie recipe and sandwich
cookie recipe. The thumbprint recipe is a
rich and nutty recipe that melts in your mouth.
The sandwich cookie is made by simply taking
2 cookies made from your favorite sugar cookie
recipe and putting the pastry filling between
for a sweet, delicious cookie. 
Thumbprint Cookie Recipe
Sandwich Cookie Recipe 
Pastry Fillings As a Candy Center
For a delicious 2-layer candy center, mix up
fondant using dry fondant and the recipe
included on the package. Add 3 Tablespoons
icing fruit. Line your candy mold. Fill 1/3 way
full with fondant/ icing fruit mixture and squirt
pastry filling over the top. Seal with chocolate
and put in freezer until set. Our favorite filled
candy treat: Raspberry Icing Fruit and Raspberry
Pastry Filling Combination.
Pastry Fillings For Ice Cream
Use pastry filling "as-is" on top of ice cream
for a great way to use up unused fillings, or
for a unique topping not found in grocery
stores. To create your own flavored milkshake:
Mix 2 cups softened ice cream with 1/2 cup
filling in a blender. Add a small amount of
milk if too thick.