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Instructions Creating Edible Lace
Beautiful edible lace adds a stunning effect on a cake.  
Supplies Needed:. Lace-Maker . Rolled fondant, chocolate paste, or any edible clay . Luster, pearl or petal
dust . Brush . Rolling pin . Piping gel (lace may be attached to cake with a bit of piping gel or icing.)
1. Brush edible dust onto the large part of
lace-maker if desired
2. Roll out fondant or chocolate paste quite thin
(1/8"). If fondant or chocolate paste seems sticky,
knead in some powdered sugar or mixture of
powdered sugar and corn starch.
3.  Lay fondant over large part of lace-maker.
Press gently with fingers.
4. Lay smaller part of lace-maker over fondant.
Make sure it matches the bottom part. Press
firmly into place.
5. Use rolling pin to roll firmly over lace-maker.
6. Pull extra fondant from edges.
7. Remove top part of lace-maker. Use fingers to
push uneven edges back into bottom. Put top
part of lace-maker back on and press edges with
8. Remove top. Turn lace-maker over and flex
back while lace falls out of lace maker. Note: If
fondant sticks to mold, kneed in a bit more
powdered sugar.