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easy candy
candy crunches
Crunches and barks are one of the easiest candies to make.  Made simply by meltingchocolate or candy
oating and adding approximately 1 1/2 cup of your favorite prepared crunch.  Country Kitchen sells a
number of delicious candy crunches or use your favorite cereal,crushed pretzels, etc...  Our most popular
prepared crunch  is peppermint.  These chunks of red and green peppermint pieces look beautiful mixed
with white candy coating for Christmas, and taste outstanding!  Click on the pictures below to learn more
about how to make shown crunches and barks.

General Instructions  
Melt two pounds candy coating or chocolate.  Add any amount of a crunchy foodproduct (depending how
crunchy you want) and spread on waxed paper.  The thinner you spread out the bark, the easier it will be
to break up.   *To cut in neat pieces, when candy is "just set" score into squares.  When candy is hard, it
will break into squares. 
crunch box
Shown: Green Christmas Tree Box with peppermint crunch broken
into pieces. Red Stocking Box with tiny crisp rice broken into pieces.
Shown: Break apart Molded
Tiny Crisp Rice Crunch.  Click
for recipe and supplies...
mold crunch
crunch star tray
Shown: Several Crunch flavors cut in star shapes.
Click for more recipes and supplies...

candy cocnut
Delicious and festive, these coconut treats
are sure to please any coconut lover!
coconut box
Shown: Coconut Layers and Coconut Snowballs in
an affordable gift box.Click for more
recipes and supplies...
coconut candy tray
Shown: Coconut Layers and Coconut Snowballs
on a tray.Click for recipes and supplies...

candy pretzels Any size or shape is delicious dipped in coatings. Decorated pretzel logs make
nice gifts. Serve pretzel sticks for your party.  
candy wreath
Shown: Round Pretzel dipped in Green Candy Coating. Click for instructions
and supplies...
Shown: Mini Pretzel Sticks dipped in white candy coating and sprinkled with
red and green sugars.Click for instructions and supplies...
mini stick box candy
candy pretzel in bag
Shown: Pretzel logs dipped in white and chocolate candy coating and decorated
with Christmas sprinkles. Click for instructions and supplies...

bon bonProfessional-looking, yet easy to make with our prepared centers!  Simply rollprepared
centers into balls (use a small cookie scoop for uniform balls).  Melt candy coating.  Immerse ball into coating.  Use
spiral dipping fork to lift candy from coating and drop onto parchment paper.
Shown: After dipping each bon bon, while coating is still wet,
decorate the top to designate the kind of center. Click for
instructions and supplies...  There are many beautiful Christmas
Candy Boxes  available to make your gift special. 
Shown: After bon bon have set up, attach bon bons to a plastic wrapped
 styrofoam cone with melted coating. 
candy tree

candy presents
Dipped and decorated peanut logs under a candy Christmas tree. Use our cello wrap  and ribbon  for giving as a
gift. Click for instructions and supplies...  
candy tree wrapped tray

candy turtle
candy turtle
Dress up the turtles for the Holidays with Santa Hats. Our candy writers make
it easy! Click for instructions and supplies...  
For a yummy gift, box up the Santa turtles in this Dandy box.
Click for instructions and supplies... 
candy turtle