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Mini desserts are hot right now. Whether elaborate or simple, they can be made for a romantic dinner for two or serve them as an elegant dessert for a dinner party.

Mini Heart Cheesecakes 
These adorable cheesecakes baked
in a mini heart cheesecake pan can
be made from your favorite recipe or
use a mix for quick preparation.
Caramel Dip
Add a little romance to your dessert
with a delicious caramel fondue
and refreshing fruit.
Mini Angel Food Cakes with Blueberries
A miniature version of classic angel 
food cake served with sweet blueberry
Nutmeg Crust Wrapped Pear
A pear wrapped in pastry, glistening
with sugar makes an impressive 
Pie for Two
Size down your favorite pie and serve in
an elegant mini pie dish.
Raspberry-Sherbet Cake
This cake made from a specially
designed "Surprise-Inside" pan
makes it easy to prepare a filled
cake.  Available in 6" and 9".
Three Layer Gelatin Dessert
A refreshing light dessert.
Creme Brulee
A refreshing light dessert.