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We are pleased to announce a new series of books that will be "must-haves" in your confectionery arts collection.
Affordable books filled with the most up-to date products and innovations to make cake decorating, candy-making
and cookie decorating exciting, profitable and practical. 
The Sheet Cake Way
Author- Vi Whittington
Go beyond the basic sheet cake with this book
packed with clever ideas using sheet cakes.
Fondant and buttercream techniques are covered.
Birthday, baby, wedding and seasonal themes are
included. 46 pages, full color.

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Fun Cookie Bouquets
Author- Autumn Carpenter
"Fun Cookie Bouquets" has clever ideas for cookie
bouquets for many occasions and celebrations.
Learn how to create over a dozen fabulous cookie
bouquets for several occasions. The book begins
with recipes, icing techniques and assmebling
instructions. See how to achieve perfect lettering
on your cookies. Next are the eye-catching bouquets.
Each bouquet has easy-to-follow directions.
Instructions and ideas for mini bouquets for favors
are also included. This book is ideal for all skill
levels and is an excellent source of inspiration.
8 1/2" x 11"      32  pages,   full color

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Creative Cupcakes
Authors- Vi Whittington and Autumn Carpenter
This book offers over 120 cupcake decorating ideas for
decorators of all skills.  Guided by simple-to-follow 
instructions, decorators will find just how easy it is to create
adorable and fun cupcakes.  Projects are conveniently 
arranged by seasons and themes to inspire you whatever
the occasion.  Many cupcakes shown in this book use
standard pans.  Other cupcakes use standard pans creatively.
A few cupcakes use specialty pans.  The book also includes
several icing recipes.  Choose from glazes to pour over the
cupcakes or fluffy icing to pipe or spread or the cupcakes.  
Learn how to create cupcakes with luscious filling inside.
Melt-in-your mouth filling recipes include caramel, fudge
and fruit fillings.  You'll never want a plain cupcake again.
8 1/2" x 11"    32 pages,  full color
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Letter Perfection and All-Occasion Sayings
Authors- Vi Whittington and Autumn Carpenter
This book will help you create professional-looking
lettering on your cakes. There are over 1000
clever and unique sayings to inspire your creativity.
Also included are many beautifully decorated
cakes using perfection lettering techniques and
some of the sayings.  
8 1/2" x 5 1/2"    32 pages,  full color
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Rolled Icings- A Comprehensive Guide
Using Rolled Fondant & Other Rolled Icings
The ultimate how-to book for beginner or
experienced decorator.  Nearly every popular
technique used in rolled icing is shown in easy
step-by-step directions.  Beautifully finished
cakes are shown to inspire your creativity.
8 1/2" x 5 1/2"    32 pages,  full color
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Cookie Boxes and Other 3-D Projects
Author- Autumn Carpenter
A fully illustrated, step-by-step guide to several
3-D cookie projects.  Some of the projects
include: elegant baby bed, whimsical under-the-sea
treasure chest, clever outhouse, beehive box, flower
garden cart, Christmas shaped boxes, tiny
gingerbread village, and much more!  Beginners will
enjoy the easy-to-follow instructions, experienced
will be inspired.
8 1/2" x 5 1/2" 32 pages,  full color 
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Comprehensive Cake Decorating
Author- Vi Whittington
For the beginning decorator this is the
authoritative treasury with numerous icing
recipes and techniques.  For the experienced,
this is an essential reference guide.  Thorough
lessons in buttercream decorating and easy
detailed instructions for covering and
decorating with fondant, plus so much more!!
8 1/2" x 11"    53 pages,  full color
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All About  Candy Making
Author- Autumn Carpenter
This  ultimate book for candy making is
filled with recipes, instructions and ideas
from the very simple to the unique.
Almost every type of candy is included:
mints, painted molds, 3-D chocolates,
bonbons, easy candies, barks, truffles,
turtles, candy bars, toffee, hard candy,
fondant centers, caramels, cherry
cordials, dipped fruit, fudges, and much
more! Learn to work with candy coating
and an easy method for tempering
chocolate. Learn how to use transfer sheets
around a cake, on chocolate bows, and on
easy candies.  Many helpful tips and
8 1/2" x 11" 54 pages, full color
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Cookie Decorating
Author- Autumn Carpenter
This book is filled with tips, ideas, and easy to
follow  step-by-step instructions on the creative
and satisfying art of cookie decorating.   Molding
dough, rolling out dough, run sugar, egg wash,
buttercream, fondant, candy molding, cookie
bouquets--all these methods yield uniquely
decorated cookies, and all are nicely explored
in this well-illustrated guide with many ideas.
8 1/2" x 11" 48 pages, full color
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