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Check out the following products that help make cookie, candy and cake projects
easier and more fun!
Smidge, Pinch etc.. Measuring Spoons     What do you do
when a recipe calls for a smidgen, pinch or dash?  Use
these adorable little measuring utensils!  Measuring Sets
 Teaspoon and Tablespoon measuring magnets  Use
these cute tablespoon and teaspoon refrigerator magnets
for dry or liquid measure. 
Stainless Steel Adjust-a-Measure Spoon-  Our popular
measuring spoon is now available in a sleek look of black 
and stainless steel that makes measuring clean,
convenient and classy!  Available in a teaspoon, which
measures from 1/8 to 1 teaspoon and in a Tablespoon,
which measures from 1/2 teaspoon to 1 Tablespoon. 
Stainless Steel Adjust-a-Measure Cup  These cups are
simple in both design and operation for wet and dry
measure.  When measuring shortening, peanut butter
and other solids, fill it to the brim and level off with back
of knife blade or spatula.  Push to eject contents.  This
cups measurements accurately indicate cups, ounces,
Tablespoons, teaspoons, pints and ounces.
Measure Equivalent Magnet     This magnet is more than
a simple device used to hold objects in place.  It is a tool
that informs! This measure equivalent chart helps in
converting cups to ounces to Tablespoons to Teaspoons!  
Spatulas Country Kitchen has a number of unique
spatulas available which are an excellent addition to
anyone's kitchen.  Some of our favorites are the
"spoon-ula's" (white on the left)  These are spoons
and spatulas combined.  When filling a cake pan with
batter, the mixing bowl will come out clean!  Another
favorite are the super spatulas which withstand extreme
temperatures from -100 degrees to +600 degrees.  They
have stainless steel handles and the spatula is available
standard, or as a "spoon-ula".
Bowl scraper Use this tool with it's rounded edge to
easily clean and get every little bit out of your bowls!
It is also great for scraping crusted food off counter
tops!  Also small "scrapette" shown.
Cookbook shield  Keep your recipe book free of
flying juices and foods that dirty up your book.
Simply lay the plastic cover over the open recipe
book to protect. 
Sugar/ flour shaker  Sugar shakers ideal for controlling
amounts of flour, edible glitter, powder sugar and more!
Baking Parchment  Save your cookie sheets from
wear and tear.  Place a sheet of parchment on the
cookie sheet before baking. No greasing or flouring
Reusable Parchment  A reusable baking sheet which
is used to line cookie sheets or baking dishes.  No
greasing or flouring required.  No messy cleanup.  This
sheet withstands temperatures up to 500 degrees.  It 
resists scorching and prevents sticking.  There is no 
transfer of flavors or odors from previous use.  Best of
all, this sheet makes cleanup a snap!

Sil-pad sheets for Baking:   This rubber-like nonstick
baking/freezing mat is a pan liner made of food grade
woven silicon.  Its ultimate nonstick properties are 
suitable for sugar, chocolate and confectioner work,
as well as cookies and cakes. No greasing or special
maintenance is necessary.  Clean with a sponge under
warm tap water.  

Sil-pad Sheets for Rolling:   This unique mat is
composed of fiberglass and nonstick silicone on both
sides, allowing for cookie dough, pie dough and fondant
to be rolled out effortlessly.  When rolling out dough on 
the top surface of the mat, there is no need to sprinkle
the mat or the dough itself with flour.   These pads
withstand extreme temperature ranges, up to 600 degrees.
They are ideal for pouring cooked candies like brittles and
fondants.  The candies come off the pad effortlessly.
The larger sizes will not fit into a conventional oven.
Their primary purpose is to provide a large surface for
rolling out dough.
3 Tier Cooling Rack  Stack for economic use of counter
space.  Cool cookies, cakes, cupcakes, muffins and more.
Racks each stack 3" deep for cooling layer cakes; also use
side by side for larger baked goods.  
Perfection Strips  Plastic strips that allow you to roll
the exact thickness you want, automatically! Place dough
between two strips of the same thickness, then with a
rolling pin, roll over the strips, leveling the dough.  The
strips are size 2mm, 4mm and 6mm.  
Rolling Pin Rings These rings allows you to roll
the exact thickness you want, automatically!  Select the
rings for the dough thickness you want, place on the
rolling pin with approximately 2" diameter.    Roll rolling
pin over the dough back and fourth until dough is flat.
For uniform thickness, keep the rings off the dough.  




Smart Rolling Pin    A rolling pin that allows you to roll
the exact thickness you want, automatically!  Simply
remove o-rings and thickness control rings.  Select the
rings for the dough thickness you want, place on the
rolling pin.  Roll smart rolling pin over the dough back
and fourth until dough is flat.  The rings are size 1/8", 1/4" 
and 3/8".  Roll without the rings to use as an ordinary
rolling pin. 
Mini Pizza Cutter   This pizza cutter is ideal for cutting
out dough.  It's small wheel makes it much easier to
control than larger cutters.  Designed for right and left
hand use.
Pizza Roll   Easily roll thin, uniform pie, cookie and pizza
dough.  Large roller rolls dough over broad surfaces,
smaller roller fills in the edges.  This tool is also ideal for
crushing nuts, crackers and peppercorns.
Cookie Scoop   Available in several sizes, these scoops
are ideal for melon balls, ice cream, butter, frozen yogurt,
sherbet and meatballs.  Achieve the same size of cookies
each time when scooping out cookie dough.  Your bonbon
chocolates with be a consistent size too!
Cookie/ Brownie Spatula  An ideal spatula for removing
cookies and brownies.  It is also great for use with
casserole and quiche dishes.
Cake Servers    Unique cake cutter and server in
one!  The 'V-shape' kake-kut'r  (shown) perfectly cuts
and serves round cakes.  The 'sheet' kake-kut'r
(not shown) expertly cuts and serves rectangular and
square cakes.  High quality flexible stainless steel blade
provides ease and perfection in cutting and serving cake
Food Pens Use these food coloring markers just like
you would any ordinary marker.  Available already filled,
or (not shown)- empty with refillable wicks to fill in
desired colors. 
Fanci Fill Cake Pans Make elegant  filled
desserts, entrees and appetizers with this innovative
cake pan set.  Example:  Put ice cream in the secret
cavitity.  Prepare and serve complementary foods
in one appealing slice.  Available in 6" and 9"
Batter separators  You can quickly and easily make
two differnt flavors of cake in the same cake pan by
using the Cake Batter Separator.  After preparing the
cake pan for baking, secure the cake batter separator
into the pan with the included clips.  Fill each side of
the pan with the different batters.  the clear plastic
makes it easy to see that there is the same amount of
mix in both sides.  After both sides have been filled,
unclip the  separator and remove from the pan and bake.
More than two flavors of cake can be poured into one
pan by using additional separators.
Quik Press Cake DividersEasily and evenly mark
cakes for individual decorations or cutting.  Designed
with the sheet cake in mind, they also can be used with
round, heart or square cakes.  Allow cake icing to form a
crust, position  cake divider on the cake, and use the
pizza roller (shown above) to gently press design onto
cake.  Lift off.
mini press
Mini Picture Press Imprint pictures on the cake quickly
and easily.  Allow cake icing to form a crust, position cake
picture press on the cake,  gently press design onto cake.
Lift off.  Outline design with a #2 hole and fill in with a
#16 star tip. 
Garland Markers  Adjust to 7 preset widths and varying
depths to easily mark garlands on cake sides.
Joyce Chen Scissors These unbelievably tough scissors
will be the best you'll ever own. Tapered points cut right
to the tip.   A great  pair of kitchen scissors.

Plastic and Cotton Gloves  Gloves are a "must have"
when packaging chocolates.  These gloves reduce
fingerprints when worn while placing chocolates in
boxes or candy cups.
Therapeutic gloves A comfortable way to reduce hand
stress and pain.  Provides non-restrictive support for
both hand and wrist. Gloves fit both right and left hands.