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What defines contemporary candy supplies? Candy molds with clean lines and unique shapes... Candy boxes with fun patterns and modern color choices... Chocolate transfer sheets with geometric patterns and bright colors... Candy centers enhanced with exotic flavors...

Country Kitchen SweetArt is excited to bring a full line of contemporary candy supplies to keep your candies updated and unique!


CONTEMPORARY CANDY MOLDS Several styles of contemporary designs created by Autumn Carpenter, author of "All About Candy Making". Each style fit into a #5 cup and are tall enough to fill with your favorite candy center.

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Double Twist, 90-5679
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Sloping Triangle, 90-5681
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Steps Mold, 90-5678
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Fan Top, 90-5682
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Square, 90-5061
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Split Diamond, 90-5683
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Buckeye Mold, 90-5677
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Feathered, 90-5680
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Stylized Heart Mold, 90-5641
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Give your candies a modern finished touch with colored candy boxes in today’s most popular colors.  Candy boxes in shades of blue, green, pink and brown are the current trend.

One piece folding box with a flip top lid. Available in two sizes and three patterns.
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Aqua and Brown Stripes
Two-Tone Gold Scroll
Pink and Brown Scroll

Glossy colored two piece folding boxes. Available in three sizes and four beautiful colors.
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Chocolate Brown
Leaf Green
Light Pink

Embellish candies with chocolate transfer sheets to modernize the pieces. Chocolate transfer sheets are easy to use and are very versatile. Use them on cookies, candies, wraps around cakes, and more! One of the easiest techniques is to dip anything that is flat (round bon bons won't work!) Dip squares of caramel into melted chocolate and immediately place on transfer sheet (cut to fit). For more about Chocolate Transfer Sheets, see our "What's Hot- Chocolate Transfer Sheets"

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Chocolate transfer sheets were cut to fit the square mold, then placed in the bottom of the mold (90-5061) before being filled. After they came out the mold the sheet is removed the design stays on the candy.
Shown: Pink Ribbon Transfer Sheet

Squares of caramel were dipped into melted chocolate, and a transfer sheet (cut to fit) was placed on the dipped caramel. After the chocolate has set up, the sheet is removed and the design stays on the candy.
Shown: Gifts Transfer Sheet
Buttery Round Crackers were dipped in dark chocolate flavored with mint, and a transfer sheet (cut to fit) was placed on the dipped cookie. After the chocolate has set up, the sheet is removed and the design stays on the candy.
Shown: Concord Transfer Sheet
Chocolate spread onto the transfer sheet set up, then was cut with a 1" cutter to create disks. Truffle mixture was piped between two disks. The disks were gently lifted from the sheet and the design was transferred onto the disks.  
Shown: Gala Transfer Sheet
Chocolate Transfer Sheets DVD
This DVD contains nine instructional step-by-step tutorials for turning simple cakes, cookies and candies into outstanding edible art. Beginners will love the ease of making delicious, impressive treats, while those with experience will be inspired to try their own creations. Techniques include dipped caramels, cookies and crackers; transfers around a cake, pieces around a cake, bows, truffle sandwiches, cut-outs, and more.

Chocolate connoisseurs will love our wide selection of high quality chocolates from Callebaut, Peters and Merkens.  Country Kitchen carries chocolate with a variety of cocoa content from a mild, sweet flavor to an intense dark chocolate and a variety of viscosity (thinness).

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While classic American favorites are still popular, exotic flavors can be added to almost any basic fondant, caramel or truffle recipe to bring an unusual, fun taste to your candies. Below are just of few of the dozens of flavorings Country Kitchen sells. Recipes taken from "All About Candy Making".
Hot Chili Flavor Booster
Add a kick to your candies with this concentrated flavor.
Shown: Milk chocolate ganache with hot chili flavor booster. Dipped in melted milk chocolate, then sprinkled with chili powder.
Vanilla Bean Paste and Vanilla Sugar
Vanilla bean paste is a convenient, versatile alternative to vanilla beans. This rich concentrated paste can by used in place of an extract. It combines natural vanilla flavor and the distinctive vanilla seeds that will give your food gourmet appeal. Vanilla sugar is a versatile substitute for vanilla extract in any recipe, or as a rich sweetener in any food.
Shown: Milk chocolate ganache infused with vanilla bean paste, dipped in melted milk chocolate, then sprinkled with vanilla sugar.
Key Lime Flavor
One of Lorann's newest flavors. Concentrated, use by the drops.
Shown: White truffle with key lime flavor and tart and sour flavor booster.
Mango Flavor
Concentrated flavor from Lorann.
Shown: White chocolate ganache with mango flavor.
Tart and Sour
Sour Apple, Sour Grape, Sour Raspberry and many others are now easier and better tasting than ever. For a boost to any fruit flavors, add 1 1/2 teaspoons to our 1-dram candy recipe. Add 3 teaspoons for more pucker power.
Shown: White chocolate ganache with lemon icing fruit and tart and sour flavor booster.
The above recipes were taken from “All About Candy Making.” This is our best-selling candy book and contains classics and contemporary recipes. Revised in 2007.

Cocoa nibs
Cocoa nibs are cocoa beans that have been finely chopped.   Add some to your favorite truffle recipe for a delicious candy with a crunch with a touch of bitterness.
Croquantine Flakes
Use in gourmet chocolates, truffles, or any candy needing a crunch. Comes in small pieces and resembles waffle cone texture and taste.
Filbert Paste
Hazelnuts finely ground into a paste.   Add to chocolate for a European flavor.  Use in candy recipes calling for peanut butter.

Dark Muscovado Sugar
Use in any candy recipe which calls for brown sugar to give a candy with a rich, strong flavor with a fine, moist texture.  Dark Muscovado Sugar is from Mauritius and retains much of the flavor of the cane. It has a fine, moist texture, a high molasses content.