Sea Critter Cookie Cutter Set by Autumn Carpenter

Brand: Sweet Elite Tools SBS-7022AC Units: 1 set/ 3 cutters total Dimensions: Cutters measure:
Whale: 3⅛" wide x 3⅜" long x ¾" deep
Sea Horse: 2¼" wide x 3¾" long x ¾" deep
Octopus: 3⅛" wide x 3⅜" long x ¾" deep

This set includes three cookie cutters to create a wonderland of sea critters. The whale cutter can depict a floating whale or a whale jumping out of the water, depending on how the cookie is decorated. The seahorse looks quite charming decorated in a variety of colors, or in just a color or two. Finally, use the chubby, fantastical octopus to complete the sea creature cookies.



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Additional Details

Special Care Instructions Hand wash only. Dry thoroughly or metal may rust.