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Rose Water

Rose Water

Units:4 oz. jar
Item Number: SCE-048
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Add a splash of Silver Cloud's fragrant Rose Water to cakes, frosting and fruit salad. It is especially delicious with chocolate pudding and mousse.

Rose water has a very distinctive flavor and is widely used in Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines - especially in sweets. Rose water gives Turkish delight (loukoum) and gulab jamuns (a popular Indian and Pakistani dish) their distinctive flavor. In Iran it is added to tea, ice cream, cookies and other sweets. It is a key ingredient in the popular Indian drink sweet lassi, which is made from yogurt, sugar and various fruit juices. It is also used to make jallab a syrup popular in the Middle East made from dates, grape molasses and rose water. In Malaysia and Singapore, rose water is mixed with milk, sugar and pink food coloring to make a sweet drink called bandung. In Western Europe, rosewater is used to flavor marzipan and the shell-shaped French madeleine cake.

In ancient Rome, people enjoyed bathing in rose water. In the Middle East and Asia, rose water is not only used as a flavor, but to cleanse the body and spirit prior to religous ceremonies. Rose water has anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties and for this reason, as well as its beautiful scent, is added to finger bowls to wash one's hands.

Rose water is sugar and gluten-free.

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Ingredients: Water, Alcohol, Oil Rose, Citric Acid and Sodium Benzoate (as a preservative).

• UPC: 895580001826

• Brand: Silver Cloud Estates

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