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Metallic Gold Dust

Metallic Gold Dust

- Non Edible
Units:2 oz. jar
Item Number: AU-586105
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Non-edible with a high-sheen finish. For decorative use only. This dust should only be used on decorative pieces that will be removed from the cake/ confection before eating. Intended for use in the dry form, the powder may also be mixed with clear alcohol for painting and highlighting. Although the color picture shown is as close as possible to color achieved with this dust, there may be a slight difference as computer monitors may vary.


Non edible item
If using as decoration on a real cake, pieces should be removed before serving.

Ingredients: Bronze based powder

• Use gloves; do not swallow or breath powder. Flammable, do not use near open flame. Do not smoke and avoid electrostatic charges.

• UPC: 9151315861051

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