Ultimate Clay Machine

Brand: Makin's Brand USA MB-35054 Units: 1

Great for rolling out fondant and gumpaste! Features 7" super wide non-stick rollers to allow for larger pieces. It has 9 different thickness settings so you can find the perfect thickness for your project. Includes clamp for attaching to table. Can also be used with motor and texture mats, purchased separately, shown.
The manufacturer of this product has printed on the box "this product is designed for clay not for food use". We have contacted the manufacturer who stated that it is safe for use with food products as long as "best manufacturing processes" are practiced. They are working with the FDA and have printed this disclaimer which means that the tool can be used with food items, but only following good food handling procedures. For example, if a piece of metal should happen to break or chip off into the food, then the food item should not be used.



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