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Kopykake Airmaster Air Brush Set

Kopykake Airmaster Air Brush Set

Item Number: 34-3500
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The AIRMASTER Airbrush/Compressor System was designed for heavy duty use, and has a built-in air accumulator tank to eliminate pulsation. The cake decorators best. Preferred choice of high volume and in-store bakeries.

The AIRMASTER has a bleed control valve, which allows the user to select a desired airflow. A slight turn of the knob allows you to select low pressure for very delicate work, all the way up to a large overall spray pattern. The AIRMASTER is a sturdy, clean and quiet compressor, fully enclosed and needs no maintenance. This is a piston-type compressor.

This complete airbrush system delivers 10-30 PSI, which is perfect even for fine lines and delicate shadings. This unit will handle even heavier materials, as well as liquid airbrush food colors.

The Kopykake AIRBRUSH is the highest quality, and made of precision machined brass, with chrome-nickel plated finish.

This system is a constant airflow type, which means the user merely adjusts the flow of color by a slight backward movement of the airbrush trigger. None could be easier to use.

Case is high impact ABS plastic. Easy on/off switch. Maintenance free. Two different voltages offered: 110/120V or 220/240V. Please note on your order which voltage you would prefer.

5 /12" airbrush(34-2018), hose, and wrench included.

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• UPC: 745367117847

• Brand: Kopykake Enterprises