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Iwata Silver Jet Air Compressor

Iwata Silver Jet Air Compressor

Item Number: CCR-IS50
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Powerful, compact, reliable and quiet, the Silver Jet is a light-duty, entry-level compressor. It features working pressure adjustable from 10-18 psi, perfect for bakery and general airbrushing. The Silver Jet includes a coiled airhose, Iwata Pistol-Grip Filter, pressure adjustable knob, handle, airbrush holder, pressure gauge and convenient airhose connector.
Attaching directly onto the airbrush, the pistol-grip filter is the final defense to deliver clean, dry air to your airbush. The clear filter bowl allows a visual inspection of built-up moisture and is evacuated through a spring-loaded release valve without taking the filter off the airbrush.

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• UPC: 734748100059