Cake Cloth

SBS-12000 Units: 20 sheets Dimensions: 8" wide x 10" long

Cake Cloth - Cake Smoother Tool

Do you struggle with smoothing the icing on your cakes? Do you take too much time trying to get it perfect? Save time and frustration by using these cake smoothing cloths.

Product Features:

  • Food Safe Material
  • 20 Icing Smoothing Cloths in Each Package
  • Reusable! Each Cloth Can be Used 3 to 5 Times (Up to 100 Uses!)
  • Reasable Package
  • Smooths Icing Bumps and Ridges

How to Smoothly Frost a Cake:

Ice your cake using your favorite method. Using a scraper or spatula, level out the thickness of buttercream and remove access. Let the buttercream dry at room temperature for 5-10 minutes. You want the buttercream to harden slightly, without crusting. Place the cake cloth onto the side of the cake. Using your hands, plain edge cake scraper, or fondant smoother smooth out bumps and other imperfections in your icing.


Make perfectly smooth buttercream iced sugar cookies. Simply cut the cake cloths into smaller squares to use as cookie icing smoothers.


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Additional Details

Special Care Instructions Hand wash only