8" 55 Micron Tipless Bags

Brand:The Cookie Countess

TCC-855 Units: 100/pkg Dimensions: 4¼" wide x 7⅝" long
Tipless piping bags are a great option when it comes to decorating with run sugar icing. They have a very little seam and can be cut to any size of opening so that they can be used for outlining or flooding. And because they don't require you to use a tip, there is no clean-up!
The 55 micron bags are made of high density polyethylene plastic which is thicker than the 40 micron bags and have a smooth texture. The 55 micron bags can also be used with tips if you want that option.
The 8" size is perfect for detail work.

Please note: These bags may burst if used with thicker icings such as buttercream. They are best suited for run sugar icing.



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