Tractor Cutter Set

Brand: FMM 43-7966 Units: 1 set/ 4 cutters total Dimensions: Cutters measure:
Tractor: 3 1/16" wide x 2⅛" long x 3/16" deep
Wagon: 2" wide x 1 1/16" long x 3/16" deep
Large tire: 1⅜" diameter x 3/16" deep
Small tire: 1" diamter x 3/16" deep
Large Circle: ¾" diameter x 3/16" deep
Small circle: ½" diameter x 3/16" deep

Use set to creat a 2D or 3D tractor out of fondant or gum paste. Package includes four plastic cutters.



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Additional Details

Special Care Instructions Hand wash and dry thoroughly

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