Sequin Jubilee Silicone Simpress Mold

Brand: Marvelous Molds MV-MMSP02 Units: 1 Dimensions: Design: 6½" wide x 4" tall x ¼" deep

Easily create trendy sequin cakes with beautiful realistic design. Use the Simpress mold with fondant, a 50/50 mixture, modeling chocolate, and more. It will hold the design in its structure so the entire mold can be lifted vertically and then applied to the cake, so there is no stretching or distorting. This mold is easy to use and flexible so that it can form around any surface. It is designed so that the pattern can be matched up and repeated around the entire cake, as well as top to bottom, for an entirely seamless appearance. It includes an individual sequin mold that can be used to hide any imperfections or just as an accent piece.



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Additional Details

Special Care Instructions Hand wash and dry thoroughly

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