It's a Boy Pretzel Rod Chocolate Mold

Brand: CK Products 90-11591 Units: 1 Dimensions: 3 cavities: 1⅜" wide x 5" long x ½" deep
Finished piece including pretzel: 1⅜" wide x 8¼" long x ½" deep

3 cavities per mold. Paint details inside mold using candy writers if desired. Line mold with candy coating, except lower end of mold so pretzel rod shows. Place pretzel rod over candy lining. Finish filling mold, covering pretzel except on lower end of mold. Place in freezer. Remove candy from mold when hardened.
Hand wash only. *This type of plastic is perfect for chocolate and coatings, but is not designed for hard candy or other hot ingredients.

Due to the depth of mold pretzels may not completely enrobe in chocolate.



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