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FMM Octagonal Cutter Set

FMM Octagonal Cutter Set

Units:1 set/ 5 pcs. total
Item Number: 43-7956
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Set includes 4 plastic octagonal cutters and a spacer bar. Use the cutters to create solid plaques or inlay work. Snap desired cutters onto the spacer bar for even spacing.

• Cutters measure:
4¾" wide x 6⅛" long x ⅜" deep
3¾" wide x 5⅛" long x ⅜" deep
2⅞" wide x 4⅛" long x ⅜" deep
1½" wide x 2⅛" long x ⅜" deep

• UPC: 5060040860519

• Brand: FMM