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3D Rose with Leaf Sucker Chocolate Candy Mold

3D Rose with Leaf Sucker Chocolate Candy Mold

Item Number: 90-13116
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2 cavities per mold. Approximately 15 solid pieces can be obtained from a pound of candy coating or chocolate. Mold accommodates one 3 D chocolate rose. Lay sucker stick in mold and make sure that chocolate is spread over the back of the stick in the rose as well as the leaf cavity. To adhere the other half of the rose, do not freeze the candy. Let it set up at room temperature. When you are ready to assemble, run the free half on a warm cookie sheet and press against the first half. Or keep melted chocolate or candy coating on hand to act as a glue between the two halves. The sucker stick can be covered in floral tape to complete the look.
Hand wash only. *This type of plastic is perfect for chocolate and coatings, but is not designed for hard candy or other hot ingredients.

• Mold cavities:
Rose: 1½" wide x 2½" long x ¾" deep
Leaves: 2" wide x 2¼" long x ⅜” deep
Total length: 6⅝”" long

• UPC: 745367263629

• Brand: CK Products

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