Mini Round Pan


2105-0646 Units: 1 Dimensions: Pan: 10¾" x 9¼" x ½"
Cavity: 1¾" diameter x ½"
Indulge in a little bite of something sweet with this Daily Delights non-stick mini round pan. Great for small batch recipes, this round pan helps you satisfy those everyday cravings with a little mini treat. The non-stick coating means your treats pop out easily and with minimal cleanup. Best of all, this pan is toaster oven friendly, so even if you need to make a recipe for 1, you can do it with this convenient mini pan. Make a full batch of mini cookies or brownies to share with your friends and family or make one or two cakes to satisfy a sweet craving! With Daily Delights, you can find that sweet balance between a healthy lifestyle and a little permissible indulgence!


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