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Winter Penguin Cake

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Winter Penguin Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
8" round cake
black fondant
orange fondant
white fondant
circle cutters
piping gel
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Using a piece of paper, make a 5 1/4" oval shape. Add two 1 1/4" circle shapes, side-by-side to each other, to the top of the oval. This shape will be the pattern for the white part of the cake. See picture to see what finished pattern should resemble.
Lightly frost cake with buttercream and cover cake with black fondant. Use paper pattern to cut shape out of center of the cake with a sharp knife. Carefully pull cut black fondant off of cake. With the same pattern, cut white fondant to replace the black fondant. Brush white piece of fondant with piping gel then lay in empty space. Gently smooth edges of white fondant with finger. Using the black fondant and a pastry wheel, cut the penguin some wings and attach with piping gel. Using the orange fondant, cut feet and a beak. The beak will need to be dried before attaching to the cake so that it stands up. Use a small round cutter to cut the eyes from black fondant and attach to the cake with piping gel.
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