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Snowman Petit Four

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Snowman Petit Four
Ingredients and Supplies
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Bake same number of regular size cupcakes and mini muffin size cupcakes. Put both size cupcakes in the freezer for several hours. Take out a regular-size cupcake and with scissors, trim edges to make into a sphere. If desiring filling (lemon filling in yellow cake is good), squirt filling into cupcake with tip #230 and a disposable pastry bag. Squirt until you can feel cupcake start to swell. Thin buttercream icing and ice; immediately roll in desiccated coconut. Note: If cake has thawed during cutting, place in freezer again. Do a mini cupcake the same way. Stack cupcakes with piping gel to hold together. Color with food coloring an edible clay such as rolled fondant, marzipan or candy clay. Then hand mold the features (eyes, hat, nose, mouth and buttons. Roll out a bite of edible clay and cut into a long rectangle for the scarf. Place in candy cup.
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