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Snowflake Bouquet

Idea gallery #167
Snowflake Bouquet
Ingredients and Supplies
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Make Buttery Sugar Cookies. Spray snowflake cookie/candy mold with cooking spray. Cut a piece off the end part of each of the sucker stick impressions in the mold so long sticks may be used which are longer than the impression allows. Firmly push cookie dough into snowflake cavities and insert sucker stick, being sure stick is covered completely with the dough. Bake until cookie is lightly browned. When cookie is nearly cooled, let fall from mold. When cookie is completely cool, Ice the back of the cookie with melted white coating and place on parchment paper, wet coating side down. when hardened, brush white sparkle and super pearl dust on the top of the cookie. Cookies may be put in a bouquet with a bit of artificial greenery.
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  • Hard Candy/Cookie Mold-Snowflake Sucker
    Hard Candy/Cookie Mold-Snowfla...
    Unit: 1
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  • Sucker Sticks 11 3/4 x 11/64"
    Sucker Sticks 11 3/4 x 11/64"
    Unit: 50/pkg.
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  • Merckens Super White Vanilla Flavored Candy Coating
    Merckens Super White Vanilla F...
    Unit: 1 lb. bag
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  • Baking Parchment Roll (Natural)
    Baking Parchment Roll (Natural...
    Unit: 1 roll / 15" x ...
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  • Super Pearl Royal Pearl Dust (Replaces 43-1101)
    Super Pearl Royal Pearl Dust (...
    Unit: 2 gram jar
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