Playful Penguin Winter Cake

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Playful Penguin Winter Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
  • 1/4 sheet cake
  • Winter Cuttie Cupcake Cutter Set
  • white rolled fondant
  • lavender rolled fondant
  • green rolled fondant
  • brown rolled fondant
  • black rolled fondant
  • orange rolled fondant
  • blue rolled fondant
  • purple rolled fondant
  • gum paste modeling tools
  • tiny black non-pareils
  • piping gel
  • flexible polyblade
  • Mini Accent Cutters Set
  • sharp paring knife
  • pastry roller
Roll lavender fondant very thin and cut mountains using pastry roller. Allow shapes to harden.
Using white fondant, create a snowy looking ground cover about ¼" thick on top of cake. Round all edges and use a ball tool to create indentation details as pictured. Slide mountains behind snow, attaching to top of cake with piping gel. Hand mold snowy details for tips of mountains.
Roll fondant very thin and use cutters to cut shapes.
Tree: Cut one tree from green fondant and another from brown fondant. Cut the trunk off of both pieces and using piping gel, piece together brown trunk to the green tree. For snow, hand mold white fondant and attach to tree with piping gel.
Polar bear: Use oval cutter to cut snout of bear then use poly blade to cut size needed. Apply to bear using piping gel. Use sharp paring knife to carve details of snout and legs. Roll black fondant into sizes needed for nose and eyes. Attach to bear with piping gel.
Snowman: Cut snowman from white fondant. Cut another snowman from black fondant. Cut both pieces hats off. Reattach black hat to white piece using piping gel. Use ¼" round cutter to cut buttons for snowman's middle. Shape orange fondant into carrot for nose. Attach non-pareils, button, and nose to face using piping gel.
Penguin: Cut penguin from black fondant. Using a 1 ¼" oval cutter, cut center of penguin belly and using a ½" round cutter, cut penguin face. Cut the tip of the oval with the round cutter to connect the face; attach all pieces to black piece with piping gel. Cut a orange piece of fondant with penguin cutter and cut off feet; apply to black fondant with piping gel. Shape orange fondant into nose and attach with piping gel. Attach non-pareil eyes with gel also. Penguins can be made unique by adding different accessories as hats, scarves, and earmuffs.
White Satin Ice Rolled Fondant Icing
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Lavender Satin Ice Rolled Fondant
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Green Satin Ice Rolled Fondant
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Piping Gel
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Flexible PolyBlade
Flexible PolyBlade
Unit: 1
Black Non-Pareils
Black Non-Pareils
Unit: 3.8 oz. jar
Mini Accent Fondant Gum paste Cutter Set
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Unit: 1 set/ 18 cutters total
Jem Gumpaste Tools
Jem Gumpaste Tools
Unit: 1 set / 6 pcs. total