Monogram Cupcakes

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Monogram Cupcakes
Ingredients and Supplies
  • Waffle PatternTexture Sheet Set
  • Dottie Frame Cutter Set
  • alphabet cutters
  • flower molds
  • white rolled fondant
  • light green rolled fondant
  • pink rolled fondant
  • yellow rolled fondant
  • gold luster dust
  • lemon oil or grain alcohol
  • brushes
  • piping gel
  • toothpicks
  • rolling pin
  • round cutter
  • pearl luster dust
Roll light green fondant to desired thickness. Place small waffle texture sheet on top of fondant and roll over sheet with even pressure. Remove texture sheet from fondant and cut cupcake top using round cutter. Secure to top of cupcake with piping gel. Brush top of fondant with pearl luster dust.

Roll a piece of white fondant very thin and use the smallest Dottie cutter to cut a plaque. Use the alphabet cutter to cut the uppercase letter needed. Mix gold dust with the lemon oil or alcohol in a paint tray. Use a fine brush to paint the edge of the plaque and the letter. Once the pieces are dry, attach the letter to the plaque using piping gel. Stick a toothpick in the center of the cupcake and attach the plaque with piping gel. Mold fondant flowers and brush with pearl dust. Arrange on top of cupcake; secure with piping gel.

Dottie Frame Cutter Set by Marina Sousa
Dottie Frame Cutter Set by Mar...
Unit: 1 set/ 4 cutters total
Script Uppercase Clikstix Alphabet Cutter Set
Script Uppercase Clikstix Alph...
Unit: 1 set
Silver Foil Standard Baking Cups
Silver Foil Standard Baking Cu...
Unit: 30/pkg.
White Satin Ice Rolled Fondant Icing
White Satin Ice Rolled Fondant...
Unit: 2 lb. tub
Pastel Green Satin Ice Rolled Fondant
Pastel Green Satin Ice Rolled ...
Unit: 2 lb. tub
Baby Pink Satin Ice Rolled Fondant
Baby Pink Satin Ice Rolled Fon...
Unit: 2 lb. tub
Yellow Satin Ice Rolled Fondant
Yellow Satin Ice Rolled Fondan...
Unit: 2 lb. tub
Assorted Mums Silicone Mold
Assorted Mums Silicone Mold
Unit: 1
Gold Star Dust
Gold Star Dust
Unit: 2 gram jar
Lemon LorAnn Super-Strength Oil
Lemon LorAnn Super-Strength Oi...
Unit: 1 dram
Paint Brushes - Set of 5
Paint Brushes - Set of 5
Unit: 1 set / 5 brushes
Rectangular Paint/Water Tray
Rectangular Paint/Water Tray
Unit: 1
Piping Gel
Piping Gel
Unit: 1 lb. tub
Ornate Wooden Toothpicks
Ornate Wooden Toothpicks
Unit: 360/pkg.
Cupcake Top Round Fondant Cutters
Cupcake Top Round Fondant Cutt...
Unit: 1 set/3 cutters total
Super Pearl Royal Pearl Dust
Super Pearl Royal Pearl Dust
Unit: 2 gram jar
3/4" Camel Hair Mop Brush
3/4" Camel Hair Mop Brush
Unit: 1