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Ladybug Valentines Candies

Idea gallery #693
Ladybug Valentines Candies
Ingredients and Supplies
red candy coating
cocoa dark candy coating
candy center (desired flavor)
chocolate jimmies
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Shape desired flavor of candy center in 1" ball and slightly flatten bottom. Melt red candy coating in microwave safe bowl. ( Add oil based red coloring to obtain a darker red.) Use a swirl dipping tool to dip candy center in red candy coating. Allow excess to drip off and place on parchment paper. Melt cocoa dark candy coating and fill small parchment cone. Pipe half circle for head of ladybug, a line down the middle of the back and then dots on both sides. While chocolate is still wet stick two jimmies out of half circle to create antennas. Allow to harden. Place on candy cups and box if desired.
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