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Intimate Cookies

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Intimate Cookies
Ingredients and Supplies
Sugar Cookie Recipe
Bikini top
Bikini bottom
Rolled fondant
Cherry pink food color
Rolling Pin
Perfection strips
Piping gel
Patchwork embroidery set
Elegant Mold Set
Mini Pizza cutter
1/2 Pound Two-piece Box
Heart stickers
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These cookies are ideal to give at a personal bridal shower. Each guest at takes home their own box of dainty lingerie! Bake and cool cookies using bikini top and bottom cookie cutters. Cool and set aside. Roll pink fondant 1/8” thick, or between the medium size Perfection Strips. Use an embroidery embosser (Patchwork Cutters) to imprint a design on the rolled fondant. Cut out fondant piece with the same cutter used in baking. With piping gel, attach cut out fondant piece. Roll a strip of pink fondant thin. Cut two strips, size ¼” x 5”. Attach to the top with piping gel. Knead white fondant. Lightly spray the tiny bow cavities from the Elegant Mold Set. Press fondant into the cavities. Use a toothpick to remove each piece. Fold, making a bow. Attach to the top with piping gel. Line a half pound two-piece box with tissue paper. Place bra and panty cookies in lined box, using care when lifting the straps. Use a sticker to seal tissue paper. Wrap box with ribbon. For more cookie ideas, be sure and check out Autumn Carpenter's Cookie Books, "Fun Cookie Bouquets" and "Cookie Decorating"
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  • Embroidery Embosser Patchwork Cutter Set
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  • White Satin Ice Rolled Fondant Icing
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  • Clear Write On Piping Gel
    Clear Write On Piping Gel
    Unit: 1.5 oz. tube
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  • Ravioli/Pastry Wheel
    Ravioli/Pastry Wheel
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  • Carpenter - Cookie Decorating Book
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  • 1/2 lb. White Candy Box
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