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Golden Rose Cake

Idea gallery #1666
Golden Rose Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
8" two-layer cake
buttercream icing
white rolled fondant
rose texture mat
small star tip
pastry bag
metallic gold spray
red rolled fondant
green rolled fondant
leaf viener
leaf cutter
piping gel
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Roll fondant to desired thickness and lay texture mat over fondant. Roll over mat with heavy pressure. Brush cake with piping gel or ice with buttercream icing. Cut a strip wide and long enough to go around the cake and apply to cake. Cut an 8" circle for the top and apply. Pipe small shell board along top and bottom of cake. Spray metallic gold spray to cover all of cake and border. Mold rose and leaves and attach to cake using piping gel.
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    JEM Cutters - Rose Leaf
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