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Feathers and Drapes Cake

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Feathers and Drapes Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
feather cutter set
feather texture mats
white gum paste
pink rolled fondant
rolling pin
pastry roller
sharp paring knife
powdered sugar for dusting
non-stick cooking spray
silk white dusting powder
pearl dusting powder
pink petal dusting powder
mop brush
straight paint brush
piping gel
royal or buttercream icing
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Roll gum paste very thin. If using a pasta machine, thin to a #4. Lay gum paste down on a powdered sugar dusted surface or mat. Lay lightly sprayed texture mat on top of fondant and using even pressure, roll pin over mat. Use cutter to cut the textured piece. Use paring knife to fray ends of feather, gently pulling and removing some of the pieces. This helps give the feathers a more natural look. Allow feathers to dry overnight.
Using straight paint brush, highlight edges of feathers with pink petal dust. Use mob brush to dust entire feather with silk white dusting powder to blend pink petal dust.
Mark cake for drapes and determine length and width needed. Using a 50/50 paste (half gum paste and half fondant) rolled very thin, create drapes. Dust with pearl dusting powder and attach to cake using piping gel. Use icing to attach feathers to cake. Make faux fabric roses using pink rolled fondant in desired sizes and attach to cake using icing or piping gel.
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