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Embroidered Lace and Flowers Cake

Idea gallery #1709
Embroidered Lace and Flowers Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
6", 9" and 12" 2-layer cakes
white rolled fondant
light purple rolled fondant
foam flower former
primrose flower cutters
floral lace cutter
flexible polyblade
edible pearls
piping gel
pastry brush
flower blossom cutter
rolling pin
royal icing
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Roll white fondant very thin and cut primroses in assorted sizes and place on foam former to dry overnight.

Roll white and light purple fondant to desired thickness and cover cakes. Prepare cakes for stacking using dowel rods then stack.

Use piping gel to attach 4MM pearls to the bottom edge of the middle tier. Roll white fondant thin and cut lace pieces. Use flexible polyblade to cut bigger pieces in half or quarters to make smaller lace pieces. Attach pieces to cake using piping gel. Cut small flower blossoms and attach to cake then place edible pearls in center with piping gel. Attach pearls randomly to lace pieces with piping gel. To finish, use stiff royal icing to attach primrose to cake and use piping gel to attach pearls to centers of flowers.

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