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Chocolate Swirl Edible Image Cake and Cupcakes

Idea gallery #685
Chocolate Swirl Edible Image Cake and Cupcakes
Ingredients and Supplies
7" Cake
12 Cupcakes in Gold Liner
Gold Edible Glitter Flakes
Buttercream Icing
Brown Swirl Edible Image
Cocoa Dark Candy Coating
Chocolate Buttercream
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Smooth ice 7" cake with white buttercream. While still wet apply edible image to side. Depending on exact size of cake you may have to trim height of edible image. It will take 2 1/2 strips to go around side of cake, try to cut strips and match design as close as possible when starting a new strip. Place cake on small brown pedestal. Fill pastry bag fitted with #4 tip with chocolate buttercream and pipe small ball trim around top and bottom edge of cake. Sprinkle top of cake with edible gold flakes.

Smooth ice 6 cupcakes with white buttercream. Use round cutter the same size as top of cupcake to trace and cut 6 circles from edible image strip. Apply to top of cupcake by rubbing gently. Use same chocolate filled pastry bag to pipe small border around edge of cupcake. Fill another pastry bag with white buttercream and fit with #2A tip. Starting on outside edge pipe swirl of buttercream.

Melt cocoa dark candy coating and fill small parchment cone. Use a sheet of acetate to pipe designs on. Pipe at least 12 small swirl designs for cupcakes and edge of cake. For each swirl pipe 3 "C's" and make sure they touch in as many places as possible. Allow chocolate to set and carefully peel back acetate. If chocolate pieces are breaking pipe a slightly thicker line and make more contact points. Place a chocolate swirl design on each buttercream iced cupcake. Use the buttercream pastry bag pipe 5 small mounds of icing around edge of cake. Place a chocolate swirl design standing straight up in each mound of buttercream. Use the corner edge of a piece of paper to draw template for chocolate topper. Make several "C's" that connect in several places and form right angle along corner of paper. Put template under acetate and pipe at least 5 of the same pattern. Allow to harden completely. Carefully release from acetate. Gently hold one piece standing straight up and run a bead of chocolate along center edge, quickly attach a 2nd piece at slightly less than 90 degree angle. Keep piping beads of chocolate along center line and attach each chocolate design. After all 5 are standing up run additional lines of chocolate along center line between each piece to make design stronger. Carefully pick up and place on top of cake.

Display cake on small pedestal by placing on top of large brown pedestal. Place cupcakes around edge of large pedestal and alternating facing up and facing out.

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