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Bikini Bachelorette Cake

Idea gallery #1178
Bikini Bachelorette Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
heart shaped cake
light pink buttercream
medium and dark pink and black fondant
black food marker
black buttercream
pink and black royal icing
piping gel
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Ice heart shaped cake with light pink buttercream. Roll out medium pink fondant and impress with flower fun texture mat. Cut out heart shape slightly small than top of cake (draw template on paper first). Attach to top of cake with a thin layer of piping gel if necessary. Roll out black fondant very thin and cut with bikini cutter. Roll out dark pink fondant and cut several small pink flowers and a 2 1/2" petal shape. Allow petal shape to completely dry and use black food marker to write message and draw stitching around edge. Position bikini on top of cake and attach with piping gel. Use pink royal icing in a parchment cone with a small hole cut in the tip to pipe tiny stitching along bottom edge of top and bottom piece. Arrange pink flowers in a line along top edge of bikini bottoms and by strings on top piece. Prop up petal shaped sign with two toothpicks and mound flowers in front of sign. Use black royal icing to pipe black center in all the flowers. Use a clay gun extruder with black and pink fondant to create strings for bikini. Attach strings and flowers with piping gel. Use black buttercream with #6 tip to pipe ball trim around base of cake and edge of fondant heart.
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