White Chocolate Truffle Hearts

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White Chocolate Truffle Hearts
Ingredients and Supplies
  • white chocolate
  • whipping cream
  • butter
  • tempering thermometer
  • pink candy color
  • heart truffle mold
Melt one pound white chocolate. Scald 1/3 cup whipping cream with 2 tablespoons butter and let mixture cool until it is about the same temperature as the melted chocolate. Pour mixture through a strainer and add to melted chocolate. Beat in mixer until it is smooth and creamy. Chill in the refrigerator until it is cool and firm. Whip in mixer until light and fluffy. Let set room temperature until easy to handle. Temper white chocolate. Add pink candy color to get a light pink chocolate. Line quilted heart truffle mold with the pink chocolate. Fill with white truffle mixture, leaving top rim. Seal over truffle mixture to top rim with more pink chocolate. Place mold in freezer. Let candy fall from mold when set up. Dust with super pearl luster dust. Serve these truffles with the Quilted Heart Cake found in the dessert section of valentine ideas.
Liquid Pink Chefmaster Candy Color (Old Item # 41-3281)
Liquid Pink Chefmaster Candy C...
Unit: 2 oz. bottle
Super Pearl Royal Pearl Dust
Super Pearl Royal Pearl Dust
Unit: 2 gram jar
Chocolate Tempering Thermometer
Chocolate Tempering Thermomete...
Unit: 1
1/2# Gold Insert-12 Sided Cavity
1/2# Gold Insert-12 Sided Cavi...
Unit: 25/pkg.
1/2 lb. Gold Candy Box
1/2 lb. Gold Candy Box
Unit: 1 box / 2 pcs.
White Candy Cup #5
White Candy Cup #5
Unit: 200/pkg.