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S.W.A.K Cookies

Idea gallery #314
S.W.A.K Cookies
Ingredients and Supplies
gingerbread dough
rolling pin
perfection strips
envelope cutter
parchment paper
frill cutter
royal icing
pink food coloring
red food coloring
pastry wheel
pastry bag
tip #1
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Cut out gingerbread cookies from your favorite gingerbread cookie recipe. Roll out dough onto silicone baking mat. Roll out the dough between perfection strips to achieve perfect thickness. Lightly spray the envelope cutter with a cooking spray and dust with flour. Cut out gingerbread envelope. Take out a sheet of parchment and fold to make a mini rectangle with many layers. Place it on top of the envelope cut out where the opening is. Fold up sides of cut out envelope and place on top of parchment. The parchment is being used to prevent the gingerbread from concaving in and it will help create a pouch. Bake at 350 for 8-10 minutes or until edges are brown. Roll out more gingerbread and cut out and bake mini hearts to fill the envelope. Or, for a fancy letter for the inside of envelope, use the gumpaste garrett frill cutter. Cut out one strip. Cut in half and trim sides using the mini pizza roller's decorative edge. Bake at 350 degrees. To decorate, mix up a batch of royal icing. Color pink and red. Fill a pastry bag with the icing fitted with a #1 tip. Decorate the envelope, letter and hearts.

Gingerbread Cookie Dough Recipe

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  • Royal Icing Mix
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