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Black and Gold Elegant Heart Cupcakes

Idea gallery #815
Black and Gold Elegant Heart Cupcakes
Ingredients and Supplies
baked and cooled jumbo size cupcakes
black rolled fondant
metallic gold spray
black buttercream
heart cutter
swirl impression mat
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Ice cupcake with thin layer of buttercream. Roll black fondant to 1/8" thickness. Place swirl texture mat on top of fondant and roll over once with rolling pin to create impression. Use circle cutter to cut out circle the size of cupcake top. Lightly spray from side with metallic gold spray. Spray only from one angle so cupcake isn't entirely gold. Again, roll black fondant to 1/8" thickness and impress heart cutter without cutting through fondant. Use a slightly larger circle cutter to cut circle around heart. Spray from side with metallic gold spray and attach disk to top of cupcake with a dot of black buttercream. Use black buttercream with #2 tip to pipe small dots along edge of disk.
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