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Zebra Cupcake

Idea gallery #723
Zebra Cupcake
Ingredients and Supplies
buttercream icing
1 mini Oreo® and 1 mini Nilla Wafer®
dark chocolate candy coating with black coloring
white candy writer
white candy coating
black fondant
edible icing eyes
zebra stripe baking cup
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Bake cupcakes using desired mix or recipe in zebra stripe baking cups and allow to cool. Cut mini Nilla wafer in half, and dip into melted white candy coating. Place of parchment sheet. Dip mini Oreo into melted black candy coating. Place on parchment and allow coating to set completely before using melted white candy writer to draw mouth and nose. Set aside. Cover cupcake with buttercream icing. Gently press zebra’s ears, eyes and nose into icing. Make stripes using black fondant.
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