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Yellow Cake with Aqua and Brown Argyle Bow

Idea gallery #1201
Yellow Cake with Aqua and Brown Argyle Bow
Ingredients and Supplies
6" square cake
pale yellow, aqua, chocolate rolled fondant
brown airbrush color
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Cover 8" board with brown foil. Cover 6" square cake with pale yellow rolled fondant. Roll out aqua fondant and impress with argyle texture. Cut into strips so that each strip contains two rows of raised diamonds. Pour a small amount of brown airbrush color on a blank, clean stamp pad, blot off excess. Gently wipe stamp pad on fondant stripes so that color touches the raised portion of the design only. Attach ribbons, using water if necessary up sides of cake. Piece together where necessary. Using same ribbon width (already brushed with stamp) cut 10 5" long pieces. Roll out chocolate fondant and cut a ribbon width half as wide as the blue ribbon. Again, cut 10 5" long pieces. Form 5" long pieces into loops by brushing one end with water and pressing the other end against it. Squeeze where the fondant ends meet to form a point so the bow will be easier to arrange. Allow all loops to dry completely. Pipe large dot of icing on top of cake and insert bow loops into dot of icing. Use additional icing to secure bow loops as necessary.
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