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Woodland Creature Cupcakes

Idea gallery #1706
Woodland Creature Cupcakes
Ingredients and Supplies
Flower Fun Texture Mat
lime green rolled fondant
jumbo cupcakes w/domed tops
large round cutter
pink rolled fondant
yellow rolled fondant
orange rolled fondant
piping gel
flower formers
flower blossom plunger cutters
assorted hand-modeled figurines
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Roll pink, yellow and orange fondant very thin. Use blossom cutters to cut several sizes of flowers. Place flowers in forms and add tiny balls of contrasting colored fondant for centers. Attach using piping gel then place in formers overnight.

Roll lime green fondant to desired thickness then place on top of texture mat. Roll over fondant with steady, even pressure. Flip fondant over and release mat. Use large circle cutter to cut cupcake top. Brush top of cupcake with piping gel and attach fondant circle. Use the bottom of the palm of your hand to secure fondant to cupcake. Attach figurine to the top of cupcake and embellish with flowers.

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