White Dot Truffle Sandwiches

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White Dot Truffle Sandwiches
Ingredients and Supplies
  • navy, blue, turquoise, green candy
  • white dot transfer sheet
  • white chocolate truffle or mousse mixture
  • round chablon silicone template
Place chablon on top of transfer sheet with texture side up. Melt all desired colors of candy coating. (To achieve matching colors use dark blue with a few black and orchid wafers for navy, super white for white, about equal parts dark green and yellow for green, light blue with a few dark blue and orchid for the blue and light green and light blue for the turquoise.) Pour one color on top of mat and use large spatula or straight edge to wipe away all excess chocolate. Place in refrigerator and allow to set completely. Gently remove round disks from chablon and transfer sheet. Repeat with other colors of candy coating. Fill pastry bag fitted with #32 tip with desired white chocolate truffle mixture and pipe swirl on half of the finished disks. Complete sandwich by placing second disk on top.
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