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Western Hat Cake

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Western Hat Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
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Cover a 6" cardboard with red foil. Set aside. Bake a tiny cake from Mini Wonder Mold Pan. Set cake on temporary plate. Cut a wedge out of the top of the cake to look like the top of a cowboy hat. Ice thinnly with buttercream icing. When icing forms a crust, brush icing with Piping gel. Roll out brown/chocolate rolled fondant and and shape over the cake. Roll out more brown-colored rolled fondant and with a 6" cardboard circle as a guide, cut out a 6" circle of rolled fondant. Place fondant circle on foil-covered cardboard. Center the fondant-covered cake on the fondant circle. Kneed red food coloring into a small bit of fondant. Roll into a strip and put around base of fondant-covered cake. With a small ball of rolled fondant, make a fastener for the tie and brush with gold luster dust (gold dust could be mixed with lemon oil before painting for more shine). Bring sides of the fondant up to the cake to resemble a cowboy hat. Set a prop against the upturned sides until sides harden and remain in upturned position (allow 8 hours). Pipe rope around the edge of the brim with tip #4, red buttercream icing. Place a candle in the hat. A great individual cake for the birthday boy!
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