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Spring Hat Cake

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Spring Hat Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
6" Iced Cake
3 lbs. White Fondant
Yellow Food Coloring
Orange Food Coloring
Blue Food Coloring
Buttercream Icing
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Place 6" iced cake on center of 14" board. Color approximately 2 pounds of fondant yellow, 1/2 pound blue and a small amount orange. Roll out yellow fondant to about 19". Gently place over cake and allow the excess fondant to lay on the board. Smooth the fondant to the shape of the cake. Use a pastry cutter to even out the edges of the fondant. Use objects around your kitchen to prop of the fondant to make it wavy. We used cream horn molds and large piping tips to create the waves on the brim of this hat. Keep the supports under the fondant until it hardens. Roll out the blue fondant in a thin strip about 19" long. Place swirl impression mat on fondant and roll over once to create impression. Remove impression mat and use pastry roller and ruler to cut a 1" strip. Moisten fondant with water where fondant band will be applied. Gently attach band. Repeat procedure to make additional ribbon to form bow and tails. Attach bows and tails. Use small objects to prop up bow or tails if desired.

Put small amount of buttercream in parchment cone and cut small hole in tip. Pipe small "S" swirls all over top of hat. Pipe small stitching around edge of hat brim.

Roll out thin layer of orange and white fondant. Cut several flowers from each color using small cutters and plunger cutters. Allow flowers to dry in flower former molds. After they are hard, attach 2 flowers together to create extra dimension to each flower. Then use buttercream to pipe white or yellow centers in each flower. Attach flowers to cake hat using small amount of buttercream.

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